Olympic National Park attractions

Olympic National Park is located in the North West corner of WA, USA (Northwest region, Olympic Peninsula – Pacific Ocean, Hood Canel, Strait of Juan de Fuca).

Hurricane Ridge

For WA and OR state people, this is one of the famous tourist attraction in Summer (Memorial day – Labor day). Following are the reference links which will give a very good idea of what to be expected and choose based on one’s taste.

Following are the places which are there very near to national park though it is not usually recommended for a short trip because it takes a good amount of time to see these places.

Long Beach and Cape Disappointment – https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g58566-Activities-Long_Beach_Washington.html
Ocean Shores – https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g58648-Activities-Ocean_Shores_Washington.html

If possible, visit Astoria, located near the border of WA and OR.

Astoria – https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attractions-g60806-Activities-Astoria_Oregon.html


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Tiki Intranet

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PMP exam tips

FYI – I am not new to Project Management because I work as Project Manager (Technical) in a software company and I have more than 10+ years of software experience. So, my experience may not match with yours.

PMP is something I was aiming for a long time. I was hesitant to take the exam because of couple of reasons – out of touch with learning for writing an exam, high exam fees, considerably long learning hours to pass the exam in first attempt.

Though I am aware of PMP for 10+ years, I have made my first attempt in 2012 (registered for PMI membership but dropped off the idea after couple of months). It was the time when PMBOK 5th edition was released. With the help of my company, finished an online course and got the required 35 PDU. But couldn’t spend enough time, so dropped the idea.

After that I had a feeling of giving one more attempt late last year. So, searched for online courses to get 35 PDU. Looked for some in-person classes in my city. Compared to in person, online was cheaper. I was able to get a udemy 35 PDU course (PMI REP provider) for ~1% of the in person class cost. Bought the course but took my own sweet time to finish the course. Talked to couple of friends, they suggested to pay the fees and block the date so that I will not drop like last time 🙂 Good suggestion, so registered for PMI after new year like a new resolution and submitted the required details to PMI. Since I am already working as a project manager and the Udemy course completion satisfied all the pre-req for the application. Got approval from PMI to proceed.

Like last time, I am in the similar boat as exam change to new edition. I looked for a Saturday to book the exam (little shy to take OOF for exam) and blocked a day this month. This triggered anxiety because the price is $400+ on top of PMI membership. Retake is another $200+. So, slowly reviewed the udemy course contents and was taking quizzes. My office travel time is ~1hr from my house. So, I got less time everyday for studying for the exam. Pressure mounted on me in the last 10 days which made me to work in a different way which helped me a lot. That is what I have listed down.


  1. Have an aim to pass the exam not just to appear for exam. This is more important.
  2. Out of 47 processes (I have taken PMBOK 5th edition based exam), ~12 processes contribute more than 60% of the questions (Initiation, Closing, Execution). So, memorize the ITTO of these.
  3. PMP math cheat sheets (FV, EV*, Communication Channels, PTA, Critical Path)
  4. Charts and tools – why do we have to use, when to use, which process does it belong to
  5. Quiz / Questions – do as many questions you can take (free, paid). Understand the options given in the questions so that you can understand the concepts on the go.
  6. 4 hrs exam – keep an eye on time (aim to do 60 questions per hour so that you will have some time for review). If you are running slow, have a plan to decide fast on some questions if you feel that you need to think a lot.
  7. I got many questions in risk and close (what do you do in this situation, lessons learned related, etc.).




https://edward-designer.com/web/pmp/ (good notes; there are several such notes sites)


https://www.udemy.com/pmp-pmbok6-35-pdus/ (I have used 5th Edition)



–Several free PMP questions (beginner, advanced level) in youtube

Read other people experiences from web / facebook:

1. Joseph’s Udemy Course and Cram course
2. Joesph’s 3 X100 questions
3. Simple Learn 200 Questions
3. Rita Book all chapter(only started this two weeks before exam and realized what i was missing)
4. PMBOK for only clarifications.
5. Few more Sample questions from mobile apps
6. ITTO Game on my phone
7. Saket Bansal Videos (This was a big help to clear how the processes are linked)

Few Android apps like Exam Mentor, PMP exam Prep


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It is becoming difficult to keep track of small but good timely tips I come across. Apart from me, few more may get benefit of this. So, listing down for compiling aspect.

IE11 – YouTube was not playing in IE11. Looked for the details in internet and found out that if I change a setting in IE11, it works. IE11 – Internet Options – Advanced tab –  Accelerated graphics – ‘enable’ the option to use software rendering instead of GPU rendering.

iPhone photos copy to PC was having some issues. It was throwing error as ‘a device attached to the system is not functioning’. Upon searching and attempting several tips, only the info given in this website helped (keep original format while transferring photos from iPhone to PC). https://www.guidingtech.com/fix-device-attached-to-the-system-is-not-functioning-error-iphone/


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MacOS Windows bridge

I had couple of Windows based USB drives (NTFS format). When I got my mac, I wanted to use those for transferring files between Mac and Windows using USB. By default, Mac will allow to read contents from NTFS based drives but it won’t allow to write to it. Came across couple of websites to do that. But there is a way to enable this ‘beta’ / non-GA method to write into such NTFS drives.

In terminal windows, type the following command.

sudo nano /etc/fstab

Add the following line after getting the drive name and save it (^o then <enter> then ^x). You can add more lines – one per drive.

LABEL=<replace drive NAME> none ntfs rw,auto,nobrowse

Note: If drive name has space in between, replace space with \040   For instance, if the label is “USB DISK”, the Name to enter in fstab file will be: “USB\040DISK”.




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To Think

I am planning to list some of the items to think deeply here:

  • Per texts available in internet, it is believed that Lord Ayyapa was born to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Both are males. The story is Lord Vishnu transforms as a female, Mohini (a transgender – https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mohini) and helps devas to get their immortal amirta from asuras. Lord Shiva heard about her and came to meet her. He fell in love with her and gave birth to Lord Ayyapa. Not sure, how many have thought about this, may be ancient people had some scientific technique / thoughts about a male and a transgender female can give birth to a child. There is a story that Mohini is actually Goddess Parvathi with impersonation from Lord Vishnu (female physique but bold, beautiful and powerful), Ardhanarishvara seems different from this. One thing is very evident that our ancient man understood human body (material and non-material) better than what we know now (based on mythology stories – i believe they are not novels like star wars).
  • 3 gods have killed demon around same time (Durga – Vijayadashami, Rama – Ravan in Ramayan, Muruga – Soorasamharam). Are they all refer to the same incident based on regional belief?
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SJC – Fremont (Uber, Lyft, VTA)

I have landed in SJC, morning around 8am. I checked the Lyft line rate from SJC – Fremont and it showed $33+ after applying pending $5 discount. I thought it is high because I have paid ~$17 when I went from Fremont to SJC on Thursday. So, I checked the rate in Uber pool. It showed $34+. I had a second thought and decided to book in Lyft. When I opened it again, it showed $43+. Checked in Uber pool again and it showed $44+. Remembered about similar issue in air ticket booking sites earlier (rate increases if you search repeat / search with more people in the party). Worried about this sudden change within couple of minutes, I decided to go back to Lyft and book it. This time, Lyft showed $64+ for Lyft line (all these within 5 minutes). Cancelled all attempts and went to car rental building just to think through this and decided to try after 5 minutes. While sitting inside the building, checked Android maps for transit option. It showed $6 cost (bus, train and bus). Decided to try it. Took the bus from SJC to Metro LR station (free cost). Train from Metro to Civic station ($2 cost). Took 181 express bus to Fremont ($4 cost). Reached home in ~70% more time than the cab time but saved a lot (in times not in %). More than that, thanks for the opportunity which made me explore the alternate travel option.

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