Anagram C#

Anagram (from Wikipedia) – An anagram is a type of word play, the result of rearranging the letters of a word or phrase to produce a new word or phrase, using all the original letters exactly once; for example, the word anagram can be rearranged into nag-a-ram.

This YouTube video explains in detail.

This code project gives source code for Anagram.

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Eventually all 3 major OS are having issues and customers are expect to get patches regularly.


Windows mobile was running great for ~10 years (2000 to 2010), most successful version looks like from 2003. Microsoft is working hard to regain their peak but struggling after 2010. iOS is running good for the past ~8 years (2007 – ), iPad version joined ~2010. Android is having a huge smartphone market share for the past ~6 years (2008 – ), Froyo was a good starting point from 2010 and tablets started using ICS from late 2011. Will revisit these 2 mobile OS status in 2018 holiday season.


Galaxies eating other galaxies.


Any similarities?




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Delete calendar items in Outlook 2013

When I got an alert in my inbox that I am reaching the mailbox quota set by my company, I did some cleanup of my Inbox, Sent Items, cleaned deleted items, Junk, sub-folders, etc. When I checked mailbox usage size again after allowing sometime to synch with server, I was not convinced of the resultant mailbox size shown because per my emails, the size showed was more. So, I checked ‘view mailbox size’ in ‘Mailbox cleanup’ option under File menu. Realized that Calendar was taking more than 100MB in size. I couldn’t figure out a better way to see the calendar items alone and delete it. After some search using bing, figured out from a website that one of the calendar view will help in achieving this. Following is what I have done.

  1. Open Calendar in Outlook 2013
  2. Browse to ‘View’ tab
  3. Click ‘Change View’ in ‘Current View’ group in ribbon (first group) and choose ‘list’ option
  4. It will list all the calendar items in your mailbox like a list (without any calendar view)
  5. If attachment column is not visible, add it with the help of ‘add column’ option
  6. Sort the items with attachments
  7. Select and delete all the old calendar items than the current (or) delete the calendar items with attachments (or) remove attachments from the calendar items if you want to save the calendar items for future reference. This gave back more free space to my mailbox.
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Rename Files in batches

I was looking for an easy option to rename all the photos in a vacation folder organized for print (collected from various devices) to a common file name so that the index print comes sorted. Windows explorer has a built-in option for that. Organize the images / photos in order, select all, right click on first photo and choose rename option, enter the base file name and hit enter key. Windows explorer will add a space in the end along with serial numbers.

Check this page for more details.

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So many things are there to learn 🙂 To understand propulsion, you need to understand gravity, magnetism, electricity and mechanics – Unified Theory. One of the engineer (Boyd Bushman) was telling the fact that Nature never uses English / language to communicate, it doesn’t speak but it is still talking to us all the time, the key thing is to identify what it is saying.


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Read couple of articles related to Swarm technologies. Quite impressing. All our current age smartphones (2015) could be joined and it could be used for some good needy purpose. Let’s see whether anyone is thinking of such a massive use like cheap big data storage / distributed data analysis for predictive results / etc.

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Human and Robot

Most of the humans still takes ~20 to 23 years to start working on next gen technology work because of learning curve (still ~40 weeks for birth & school completes 20+).

But for robots with Artificial Intelligence, it has a high chance of having all the high quality of existing information / learnings in the world till date from day-1. If they can start mining bitcoin then how do they spend the bitcoin – thoughts? Before most human starts earning in life, I think robots might have gone a long way 😦



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