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Kids Education Website URLs

Many times I come across good education URLs (through friends / internet) but I forget to keep track of them. So, thought of putting them together in this blog. Home School Math EdHelper subscription based – $20/yr or $40/yr … Continue reading

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INR 2,999.00 7″ tablet (Aakash UbiSlate) INR 2,999.00 7″ tablet. Spec looks great for everyday regular use. Android 2.3 + wifi + GPRS phone (not 3G). Android 2.2 version is available now and 2.3 is coming in Jan 2012. It’s worth watching.

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India mobile number operator and circle

One can use the URL for looking at the mobile number, operator and circle. For example, 94141… relates to BSNL Rajasthan cell number.

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Good IT learning URLs or

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Print single image in multiple pages – split / scale / tile and print

For a party, I wanted to split an image into 4 pieces and print them in 4 papers so that I can get a bigger poster image. I was not aware that MS Paint could do this job. Thanks to … Continue reading

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