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When I heard about Amazon Alexa, I wanted to understand more about it. So, attended a free Amazon bootcamp through website promotion. I liked it. Based on the instructions and template, I was able to create some 3 skills … Continue reading

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USB Flash Drive Corrupted and Unreadable

I got some files from a known friend in my USB flash drive. It was working fine when the files were copied to flash drive but it failed to open when I plugged into my laptop. System threw an error … Continue reading

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Hotel California

I listen to Hotel California song quite frequently. I like the guitar music as many (O.. M… song). Quite interestingly I have noticed couple of lines in the song which means a lot philosophically 🙂 such a nice lyrics such a nice … Continue reading

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Lord Vishnu Ten Avatars

Lord Vishnu Ten Avatars – It is believed based on the interpretations from Hindu scriptures, Lord Vishnu self-incarnates at various stages of earth cosmic cycle (yugas) to bring ordinance whenever evil forces go beyond a tolerable limit. Out of several … Continue reading

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Reduce Word document file size with images

I was having a requirement to prepare a word document with lot of images for a training. It had lots of screenshots which doesn’t need to be in high resolution. Without any compression, the document was more than 10MB in … Continue reading

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Import contacts from Android or SIM to Windows Phone

In Android, some devices are allowing to view contacts stored in SIM. But in Google standard version of Android, it is not encouraged and I couldn’t locate an option to see the SIM contacts. That is the same case with … Continue reading

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I read about a person (Prahlad Jani) who is living without food and water for 50+ years. I was curious about the feasibility and came across the concept, breatharianism. Good concept to understand (fasting is time bound but breatharianism is … Continue reading

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