To Think

I am planning to list some of the items to think deeply here:

  • Per texts available in internet, it is believed that Lord Ayyapa was born to Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Both are males. The story is Lord Vishnu transforms as a female, Mohini (a transgender – and helps devas to get their immortal amirta from asuras. Lord Shiva heard about her and came to meet her. He fell in love with her and gave birth to Lord Ayyapa. Not sure, how many have thought about this, may be ancient people had some scientific technique / thoughts about a male and a transgender female can give birth to a child. There is a story that Mohini is actually Goddess Parvathi with impersonation from Lord Vishnu (female physique but bold, beautiful and powerful), Ardhanarishvara seems different from this. One thing is very evident that our ancient man understood human body (material and non-material) better than what we know now (based on mythology stories – i believe they are not novels like star wars).
  • 3 gods have killed demon around same time (Durga – Vijayadashami, Rama – Ravan in Ramayan, Muruga – Soorasamharam). Are they all refer to the same incident based on regional belief?
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