Tirumala Temple

Tirumala Temple (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To the best of my knowledge, Universe is eternal. Based on life cycle what we see in earth (birth, live, death), the eternal universe article makes sense because it is inline with what we understand (science needs proof :-)) – http://www.grandunifiedtheory.org.il/Third%20Book/Eternal%20universe.htm. I couldn’t understand Multiverse.

What happens after death (energy / soul after getting released from any living being – there is a belief that it is getting released from one of the nine holes in human body but unaware of the same in plants)? It’s unknown. Can the energy / soul escape from the life cycle or reincarnation? Hinduism believes that it is possible – Moksha. I don’t know why humans have 2 kinds of knowledge (heart, mind) but I feel it’s related to life cycle, universe and dream during deep sleep where mind doesn’t seem to work but heart rules during that time (psychic dreams).

In Hinduism, every life cycle stage is associated with god’s name (Trimurti; Brahma – birth, Vishnu – live, Shiva – death). Brahma idol has 4 heads – may be for preaching 4 vedas (rig, yajur, sama, atharvana) to the new born at the time of birth all at the same time. Shiva is represented in temples as lingam – inseparability of male and female and the birth of new creation (kind of parallel universe where parents and children exists at the same time though one is old :-)). Vishnu believed to help people during their life by destroying sins – Sanskrit word Lord Venkateswara has that meaning. Lord Venkateswara’s most prominent shrine is in Tirumala located in South India (one of the world’s richest temples).

In Tirumala, there are many sevas performed for the main deity:  http://tirumala.org/sevas_daily_desc.htm. Out of these sevas, my interpretation is, Suprabhatam Hymn covers the life cycle (wakeup god – birth, request for protection – live, surrender and bye – death).

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