Good tablet

What is a good tablet? This is a question which I am asking myself for quite sometime now before deciding on a model. I want to buy a tablet and I don’t want to buy one more for next 2 years at a minimum. I am planning to buy one during Thanks Giving 2012. So, I kept on reading as many comparisions as possible. Narrowed down to 2 good sites on recommendations.

  • Yet to decide on Android / iOS / Win8
  • Budget – ~ $300 and ~8″+ screen size (<= 10″)
  • Should be solid device with good build and battery life (Kindle with keyboard is a very good example of this though Android tablets are not near to this)
  • Should have facility for connecting to HD TV
  • Provision for video chat
  • Should have apps / ways for kids to watch videos from Youtube, Disney, Nick Jr, PBS, etc.
  • If Android, should have access to Google play store (so, most likely I may not choose Kindle / Nook but they are in my budget though)
  • Google Nexus 10 with Miracast feature + Micro HDMI seems good but it is above my budget
  • Kindle HD is good and on right amount but I can not load Google play store
  • Nook is also good but it doesn’t have a video chat camera
  • Samsung has good models but they seem to lack in rolling out new updates to the older models
  • iPad mini looks good but some reviews say that the screen and processing power for games are not good and it may get old for getting OS updates within 2 years
  • I love MS products but don’t have a tablet available in $300 price range
  • NFC, GPS and MicroSD are all nice to have for me at this point of time.
  • iTunesU features looks good but it is available in PC as well (no need of tablet to use this feature)
  • iPad needs another adapter / Apple TV with airplay for using the tablet with HD TV
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