Head Transplant


Ganesha (Photo credit: bandarji)

Whenever I pray to Hindu God Ganesha, I remember the story of how he got the elephant head (http://urday.in/ganesha.htm). It looked fantasy once but after seeing the articles in wikipedia (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Head_transplant) and the web, it sounded practical. It reminds me that our ancestors were way advanced than us. If that is true then there could be an alien life in some part of the universe where our ancestors may be living. Think about the fact of how we view tribes living in the forest now. We were once lived that life style (not too long – may be few thousand years ago) but how many of us have face to face interaction with those Amazon forest tribes now. Like we are watching them through aerial images now, we may be watched by our ancestors in some other form but without having face to face contact. We should not forget the fact that tribes are not starving. They live in shelter, eat food, etc.

Similarly there is a saying that Hindu God Ganesha was born from some cells of his mother Parvathi (http://www.srisaiganesha.com/lord-ganesha/). When I read about cloning, the concept seemed same – take a cell from an animal and clone it because all cells in a body are same and they can be cloned (http://www.nobelprize.org/nobel_prizes/medicine/laureates/2012/press.html).

I came across an another instance where goat’s head was transplanted to a human (Daksha).

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