XY chromosome in female

Karnan (1963 film)

Karnan (1963 film) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Manuscript illustration of the Mahabharata War...

I have heard and read the story of Kunti character in Mahabharata (Indian epic) gave birth to Karnan with the help of Sun God. I was wondering how that can be possible. After reading the article on XY chromosome in female http://www.gendercare.com/library/italiano_paper3.html, I have a doubt that it might have been possible for Kunti because Kunti may had XY chromosome and with the help of Sun heat / some incubation method, she might have got pregnant without any male support. Fantasy!!!

As per the article in http://www.livescience.com/7585-shark-pregnant-males-required.html, there are many animals in the world which can do this. The process is called automictic parthenogenesis.

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