Any relation between Egypt, Greek and Indian stories

I was watching Ancient aliens program telecasted in history channel (heard about this through a friend). Some of the stuff they have shown in there reminded me some similarities between Greek, Egypt and Indian civilizations. There is a story which talks about a child (baby moses) who was sent in river for saving his life similar to Karnan character in Indian epic Mahabharatha. Atlas / Hercules carrying the world is something similar to Varaha avatar of Lord Vishnu. Similar to Hercules 12 labors Lord Vishnu has 10 avatar (some say 11 also). As one of the commentator in the Ancient Alien documentary mentioned, there are several unexplainable missing links are there in our history and we are either not aware of it or don’t have knowledge to interpret it correctly. Myth of hydrogen being produced in the shafts of Egypt pyramids, news of an alien object going close to hydrogen rich Sun, hydrogen as our new form of energy in lieu of alkaline battery / car power system, etc. are too much stuff at this time for me to stich together. I wish some day I will be in a position to coin these and educate my kids to understand the current human race life cycle better. In the declassified area 51 documentary, they mentioned that america was having a flight which could travel coast to coast in 70 minutes some 50 years back. Couldn’t imagine the advancements in this area now afer 50 years.

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