USA tourist attractions – San Francisco

I had a tough time in finding a maximum benefit out of 1 day in San Francisco to suit my family taste. We have cruise in my town so we avoided Alcatraz island. If not, I would have chosen cruise. I am thinking of doing the following and hoping to enjoy the maximum I can (others mileage may vary).
* Start from SFO airport
* See Golden Gate Bridge from Fort Point (south side of the bridge)
* Cross the bridge and go to Muir Woods and its beach
* For lunch, planning to have Indian food in Sausalito
* Get a view of Golden Gate bridge from Marin Headlands
* Walk on the bridge from North side vista point
* Drive through crooked street (Hyde st and Lombard st junction)
* See “painted ladies” near Alamo Square
* Travel through Golden Gate Park (not sure whether I will have time to see any place in the park but there are lots to see)
* Head towards Ocean beach for seeing Sunset
* Planning to have Indian pizza near beach
* Back to hotel near airport via zoo

Next day trip is to cover the following:
* Drive to California State Capitol Musuem in Sacramento
* Mystery point near Santa Cruz
* Skeptical on going to 17 mile drive or the near by Ocean view blvd Pacific Grove Golf drive because it consumes a good amount of 2.5hrs from mystery point
* Santa Cruz Main beach boardwalk
* Indian dinner in Sunnyvale
* Back to airport hotel

I avoided Yosemite national park because of lack of time (4+ hrs one way from SFO) that too in April, it may not be good. Instead of this, I prefer Yellowstone sometime in May from WA otherwise I will visit Multnomah falls in Portland on the way back to WA from SFO.

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